2019 Mayoral Appointments Addressed at Knox City Council Meeting

Mayoral appointments were addressed during Tuesday night’s Knox City Council meeting.

Many of the appointments remained the same as they were in 2018, with Harold Smith being retained as Police Chief, Jeff Borg serving as Street Department Superintendent and Kelly Clemons being re-appointed to the position of Wastewater Superintendent.

Additionally, Mayor Dennis Estok re-appointed Kenny Pfost to the positions of Fire Chief and Director of Building and Code Compliance.

Mayor Estok also had a few nominations that will need secondary approval. Pfost was nominated to be the Planning Administrator once again and George Byer was nominated to remain in the position of Park Superintendent. Those nominations will go before the Planning Commission and Park Board, respectively.

Meanwhile, Tim Vogelzang was determined to be the interim Water Department Superintendent, Bill Gustafson was appointed to the Starke County Beverage Board and Jeff Berg was confirmed as the Mayor’s pick for the Kankakee Iroquois Regional Planning Commission.

The Mayor also re-appointed Steve Dodge and Jim Collins to the Board of Works, selected Greg Matt for the Board of Zoning appeals and chose Marcia Hayes, Mike Estok and Marsha Boggs to serve on the Redevelopment Commission again.

One appointment that was not finalized Tuesday night was the city attorney. Mayor Estok explained that officials are currently working to create a contract to lay out the job specifications of that position. He noted that it should be completed relatively soon and an appointment announcement is anticipated at the council’s next meeting.