Culver Building Ordered for Demolition

The City Tavern building in Culver will be demolished as ordered by Marshall County Circuit Court Judge Curtis Palmer.

Culver Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim said discussion surrounding last week’s judgment was held during Tuesday night’s Culver Town Council meeting.  The owner has until Feb. 28 to demolish the building or the town will be authorized to perform the demolition.

In previous discussions by the town council, if the town is to perform the demolition the town will put a lien on the property to recoup costs.  The council did include the potential cost in the 2019 budget, along with other funds for similar projects.

There are structural issues with the building so barricades will be placed around the building to ensure people don’t approach the building and sustain injury.

The condition of the City Tavern building at 415 Lakeshore Drive has been discussed for several years and issues increase as time goes on.  A group of concerned citizens approached the Culver Town Council in July of last year to complain about the overall appearance of the building and the health hazards it contains.  There is mold inside the building and neighbors complained of the pungent odor emitting from the rotting structure.