Culver School Board Clarifies eLearning Day Duties for Hourly Employees

How school staff members get paid for eLearning days is the subject of a policy update finalized by the Culver School Board last week. Superintendent Karen Shuman says the policy revision gives more options to various types of hourly employees.

“They’re guaranteed 180 days, but when you have eLearning days, for example, bus drivers don’t necessarily have to work on an eLearning day,” she explains. “So we had to create provisions where they were able to come in and do some training or bus maintenance issues on those eLearning days. The same thing with cafeteria workers, any of those types of employees that are hourly.”

In the board’s annual reorganization, Shuman says Jack Jones was kept as president. Theresa Thompson was elected vice president, while Ken VanDePutte will take over her previous position of secretary.