Culver Town Council Approves Locations for “On Street” Way-Finding Signage

A request for some unique signage to be installed around town came before Culver Town Council members last Thursday.   

Town Manager Jonathan Leist mentioned that he’s been coordinating with a subcommittee of the Culver Main Street group and they’ve been discussing way-finding signage.

He said the group is considering the potential installation of “on street” pavement signs.

He explained, “It’s basically like a large decal that goes directly on the asphalt or on the sidewalk and we have a couple of locations where we’d like to install those; the intersection of Main and Jefferson, Lake Shore and State, Academy and Lake Shore and Main and Lake Shore.”

Leist noted that two companies were consulted about the project and the lowest quote for decals was approximately $1,500 each.

The council members provided unanimous approval for the placement suggestions provided by Town Manager Leist.  

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