Downtown Knox Property Owner Continues Rehabilitating Building

The owner of 1 and 3. N. Main Street in Knox promises to have more repairs done to the storefront in the coming month.

Pete Milev told the Knox Board of Works members on Wednesday that he’s been waiting to purchase glass for the storefront that is double-paned but hasn’t gotten to it yet.  He said he wants to fix the framing around the windows before installing them.

The building has been under enforcement for over a year with indoor and outdoor structural issues.  He explained that he’s invested money in making improvements to the interior and exterior of the building including brick work, the replacement of a basement door that was a hazard, drywall work, a drop ceiling, new doors, and LED lighting. 

The structure remains under enforcement. 

The board members approved a motion to give Milev a month to get the glass and framing done and report back to the board in February.