Knox Board of Works to Meet Today

The Knox Board of Works will meet today where the members plan on receiving updates on several unsafe properties in the city.

A public hearing is scheduled for the property at 8 S. Main Street in Knox.  The structure formerly housed the Independent Biker Association and the roof has since caved in and caused water and other damage inside the building.  During the board’s last meeting, Building Administrator Kenny Pfost said a structural engineer would assess the condition of the building to see if it can be rehabilitated or or if it simply needs to be torn down. 

The public hearing this morning will allow the property owners to comment on fines and adminstrative costs. 

A public hearing is also set for the property at 207-209 N. Roosevelt Road.  Pfost has deemed that structure unsafe and an order has been prepared for demolition. 

An update will also be given on the status of 1 and 3 N. Main Street in downtown Knox.  Owner Pete Milev is expected to answer to his delay in the process of making repairs.

The Knox Board of Works members will meet at 9:30 a.m. at Knox City Hall.