Knox City Council Amends Salary Ordinance to Account for School Resource Officer

Knox City Council members amended the Salary Ordinance for 2019 in order to account for a new School Resource Officer position.

During Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, Police Chief Harold Smith said that Officer Travis Schieber has been selected to serve in the position, pending the approval of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the city and school.

Mayor Dennis Estok noted that the Salary Ordinance had to be amended since Schieber will be working on a completely different shift than other officers at the Department.

Estok explained, “He is on a 40 hour schedule and his pay per hour is a little higher. Basically it’s the same base salary as a first-class patrolman but his hourly pay will show a little more than if you broke down the patrolman’s salary.” 

Members approved the amended ordinance on first reading and then suspended the rules to hold the second reading. It passed on that reading as well and was then adopted with a unanimous vote.

Police Chief Smith mentioned that Schieber will shadow Oregon-Davis School Resource Officer John Kohles before he hits the hallways here in Knox.

Smith said, “On January 21st I’m going to send him over to OD and he’s going to work with him for a few days just to kind of get the feel of how things operate.”

Mayor Estok noted that city officials are currently working to finalize the MOU. Once they complete it, it will go before city officials as well as the Knox School Board for final approval before Schieber will begin any duties as School Resource Officer.