Knox City Council Approves Recommendation from Planning Commision

Knox City Council members considered at a recommendation from the Planning Commission when they met for the final meeting of 2018.

Planning Administrator Kenny Pfost explained that the recommendation had to do specifically with those who have a residential property in an area that is zoned as agricultural or general commercial.

Pfost noted, “I had a couple cases where residents, particularly in the city of Knox and in a general commercial area, have built, let’s just say a garage, and followed general-commercial guideline which allowed it to be up to 35 feet in height.

Pfost indicated that since those living residentially wouldn’t have the same need for that big of a building as those who work commercially or in agriculture, the planning commission came up with a suggestion to bring citizens in line with others living in residential zones.

“The recommendation is that people living in agriculture districts or general commercial would follow residential guidelines,” he continued, “and that maximum height, say on an accessory building like a garage or shed, would be 18 feet instead of 35.”

Board of Works member Steve Dodge was in the audience and raised a concern about a lack of uniformity with regulating residential properties in other zones in such a way.

However, Pfost explained that it seemed to make more sense to require all residential properties to have the same requirements so that there wouldn’t be some homeowners who had privileges that others didn’t.

Ultimately, the council members approved the recommendation with a unanimous vote.