Knox Planning Commission to Hold Public Hearing Over 250 E. Rezoning Request

Knox Planning Commission members voted to hold a public hearing over a rezoning request on 250 E. when they met Tuesday evening.

Commission President Jim Strong reminded members that REMC is interested in installing a substation near the corner of 50 S. and 250 E. In order to do so, the company has to have a special use permit granted and the area would need to be rezoned from general commercial to heavy industrial.

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Knox Planning Commission Continues Accessory Building Discussion, Addresses Existing Violations

As the Knox Planning Commission continued their discussion over amending the accessory building ordinance, members also considered what to do about residents who are currently in violation.

During their meeting Tuesday night, President Greg Matt mentioned there are a few residences that have structures that are violating existing rules, such as one that prohibits breaking the plane of the front of the house and another that deals with proximity to sidewalks. Continue reading

BZA Meeting Scheduled for Pacific Avenue Property Owner

Knox Planning Commission members were informed about an upcoming Board of Zoning Appeals meeting when they met Tuesday night.

Planning Administrator Kenny Pfost stated that a notice of the meeting has been published and neighboring property owners have been notified.

The meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 14th at 7 p.m. in Knox City Hall. Property owner Tim Miller will be submitting a request for a variance on the rear-yard setback requirement since his site plan currently doesn’t meet the 40-foot requirement for commercial properties. Continue reading

Knox Planning Commission Reviews Site Plan Submitted by Traffic Control Specialists

A site plan from Traffic Control Specialists (TCS) was reviewed by the Knox Planning Commission when members met Tuesday night.

Engineer Lee Nagai served as a representative for TCS and went over the company’s plans to expand on their property. When asked what the company does, he informed members that they manufacture and perform maintenance on signs for multiple cities.

When discussing the site plan, he reiterated what was already presented to Knox Board of Works members last week; that officials are planning to build a 90×120 foot structure that will be placed behind their existing building on Pacific Avenue. Continue reading

Business Owner Submits Site Plan to Knox Planning Commission for Review, Faces Issue with Rear-Yard Setback Requirement

A Knox business owner looking to build a dual-purpose structure will have to complete a few more steps before construction can commence at his Pacific Avenue property.

Owner of Royal Star Builders Tim Miller came before the Planning Commission Tuesday night in order to present his site plan for review. Miller intends to construct a building at 409 Pacific Avenue that will serve as a shop for his construction company and an office for his wife’s bio-medical feedback business. Continue reading

Knox City Council Approves Pacific Avenue Rezoning Request

Four plots on West Pacific Avenue in Knox were rezoned from residential to commercial at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.

The owner of Royal Star Builders Timothy Miller came before the Planning Commission in February with a request to rezone a property he purchased at 409 West Pacific Avenue. Miller plans to build a structure there that would serve a dual purpose. Continue reading

Knox Planning Commission Discusses Accessory Buildings and Temporary Structures

The Knox Planning Commission continued their discussion over the definition of accessory buildings when they met last week.

Plan Commission Attorney Martin Bedrock was absent from the meeting where members initially discussed accessory buildings and other storage structures. He asked them to recap their progress so far during last Tuesday’s meeting.

They shared that they’ve been distinguishing the difference between temporary and permanent structures. Continue reading

Zoning Request Accepted by Knox Planning Commission Will Go Before City Council for Final Approval

Knox Planning Commission members held a public hearing over a rezoning request when they met Tuesday night.

In February, Timothy Miller came before the commission requesting permission to rezone a piece of property on Pacific Avenue from residential to commercial. At Tuesday’s meeting, he reminded the members of the specifics related to his request. Continue reading