Knox School Board Approves Latest Round of NEOLA Policies

Policies related to various disciplinary topics were finalized by the Knox School Board Tuesday. Board members approved a list of updates recommended by policy consultant NEOLA that had been presented during last month’s board meeting.

Among other things, school officials are now prohibited from helping employees suspected of engaging in sexual activity with a minor get a job elsewhere. Other policy updates clarify that paid administrative leave is not considered a disciplinary action, while suspension without pay is. Additionally, parents and students who’ve been banned from attending a school event may now appeal that decision to the school board.

Meanwhile, the school corporation now has to offer dyslexia screening and intervention for certain students, and Computer Science courses will have to be offered starting in 2021. Policies on employee background checks and human trafficking prevention training were also included.

Many of the updates are designed to bring Knox Community Schools’ policies up-to-date with changes at the state level.