New Website Planned for Knox Community Schools

Knox Community Schools may soon be getting a new website.

Director of Technology Jim Landrum told the school board last month that staff members are in the process of moving the website to a completely different vendor and redesigning it from scratch. He said he hopes to have more information sometime in the spring.

The topic came up when board member Wendy McIntire asked who’s responsible for updating the website, adding that it’s often less user-friendly than other schools’. “When you go to theirs, sometimes it’s just easier to find schedules or events. Even like on ours, some of the pictures – I mean, the one, it’s like the 2017 graduating class – just to keep any of that updated and maneuver around that to find things.”

Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart stressed the importance of having a good website. “It’s the most important marketing tool we have in our district, and that’s why we’re going to redo it,” he said. “I mean, we’re just going to completely redo it. And it’s only as good as how you keep it up-to-date.” He added that the building techs are supposed to be in charge of making sure their school’s portion of the website is current.