Knox School Board Gets Update on High School’s Former Pit Area


Knox High School’s pit area may be gone, but it continues to be a topic of discussion during school board meetings. Principal Dr. Elizabeth Ratliff told board members last month that the area where the pit used to be has gotten some new furniture. “The nice part is the kids love it,” she said. “So we’re seeing anywhere from 25 to 30 kids sitting in there every day. By being able to spread out the chairs, they’re really enjoying it, taking good care of it. So that’s been a very positive addition, also.”

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Knox School Board Members Aggravated by Inconsistent School Colors

Confusion over school colors has led to frustration for some Knox School Board members. During Monday’s meeting, member Wendy McIntire called for the board to make a definitive decision, saying the situation is currently a free-for-all. “I’m a little aggravated when you can’t even tell that that’s our team on a lot of it,” she said. Continue reading

Knox School Board To Welcome New Members Monday

Superintendent A.J. Gappa

The new year brings new appointments to various governmental boards.

The Knox School Board will be appointing a new president during their meeting Monday night, as well as a vice president and secretary. Harold Welter held the position of president for the past two years. He was not elected back onto the board so the members will be making a new selection.

Two new members will be welcomed Monday night: Kurt Kemble and Wendy McIntire. They will be sworn into office and several other appointments and memberships will be made. Conflict of Interest Statements will be signed and the 2013 board meeting dates will be approved. Other business that comes before the board will also be discussed.

Wendy McIntire Wins “Original Boyz From The Hood” Contest At SCPL

Henry F. Schricker Library

Local attorney and WKVI board member Leroy Gudeman and Ed Hasnerl, WKVI’s Talking of Many Things host, were two of the 30 pencil drawing subjects in the recent “Original Boyz from the Hood” contest held at the Henry F. Schricker Library. Patrons were invited to look at the pictures and try to figure out who the pictures depicted.

The library announced the winners yesterday, and they included Wendy McIntire who correctly identified 19 of the subjects and won first place. Carla Stoll identified 14 for second place, and Iva Griffith was the third place prize winner with 11 named correctly.

Diantha Upham invites everyone to watch for women in the community in the next few months.