Public Hearing Held for Knox Property under Enforcement


A Knox property previously ordered for demolition will now undergo necessary repairs.

A public hearing opened by the Knox Board of Works members on Wednesday morning found that a potential buyer of the property at 207-209 N. Roosevelt Road, Gary Reedy, intends to make the necessary repairs set forth by Knox Building Administrator Kenny Pfost. 

Pfost said that the current owner, Janelle McCormack, was given an order to repair with no response.  He learned that McCormack was going to sell the property to another person and sent them a copy of the order to repair with no response.  It was then ordered for demolition.

It was noted that Reedy backed out of the sale in December as McCormack increased the asking price on the property so it was figured a response was not needed.  Now that the sale will continue, Reedy is determined to follow through with the required repairs.

Pfost explained that the repairs are not extensive in nature and could be done in a short amount of time.

The Knox Board of Works members approved a motion to allow Reedy six months to complete repairs as long as the property sale is successful.  They will also provide updates to the board in the process.