Starke County Sheriff Updates Commissioners on CAD System

Starke County Sheriff Bill Dulin and IT Director Richard Franks are working on updating the Computer Aided Dispatch system. 

Dulin told the Starke County Commissioners last weekt that the Knox City Police Department, North Judson Police Department and the Hamlet Police Department have been asked to contribute money toward paying for licensing, support and maintenance for their participation in the system.  County Attorney Marty Lucas will be drafting a letter that specifies the amount that would need to be budgeted for 2020 when local government officials begin budget discussions in July. 

This year’s contribution will be included in the grant. 

The current system is outdated and no longer meets compliance to support securities.

A $100,000 State Homeland Security Program grant was obtained to help toward the cost of obtaining the new system that will better update calls and information for police. In addition, the Starke County Probation Department will help with the cost with $30,000 in funding along with $15,000 from Starke County Community Corrections.  The remainder of the funding comes from the county.