Volunteers Needed for Future Special Events in the City of Knox

If you’re interested in playing a part in any of the special events the City of Knox has planned in 2019, you’re in luck. Knox Mayor Dennis Estok announced on Tuesday that there is a need for volunteers for future events.

Some of the events that Knox hosts annually include movies and concerts in the park in the summertime as well as an auto and bike show in May, the Fireworks Show and Family Fun Day held in July and the Peppermint Parade held at the end of the year.

It is the hard work of dedicated volunteers that help make all these events possible and the more people that sign up, the lighter the work load will be for those pitching in to help.  

By becoming more involved with the City’s event efforts, you would also have the opportunity to voice any potential suggestions that you may have.

Volunteer today by contacting the Mayor’s Office at 574-772-4553. You can learn more about specifics about future events at cityofknox.net/calendar.