Mia Salyers Officially Appointed Pulaski County Maintenance Director

Pulaski County officially has a new maintenance director. The county commissioners appointed Mia Salyers to the position Tuesday.

Commissioner Jerry Locke said he’d heard good things about the work she’d been doing for the past month as interim maintenance director. “She’s getting the work done,” he said. “She’s sending emails, basically, weekly, ‘We got this done, this done, this done, this done, this done.’ I know we had a snow plowing issue, and I called Mia and she emailed me back. I guess the contractor’s transmission went out, but he did end up showing up, I guess, to help blow the sidewalks off.”

Salyers replaces Jeff Johnston, who resigned last month to take a job with the Winamac Police Department. The change comes as county officials consider potential facility updates, including the possible replacement of the courthouse with a new addition to the Justice Center.

Also during Tuesday’s meeting, the commissioners agreed to let Salyers advertise for bids for the removal of the ash tree northwest of the Annex Building. Additionally, she asked the commissioners to add the West Annex into the county’s snow removal contract with Ditmire Lawn and Home Services. She explained that the company will charge the same hourly rate as it does for the other county properties. The commissioners are expected to formally approve the amended contract next month.