North Judson Town Council Passes Wastewater Project Funding Resolution

A resolution related to funding for the North Judson Wastewater/Combined Sewer Overflow project was passed when members met during their first meeting of the month.

This project will be partially funded with a loan through United States Department of Agriculture. The resolution presented to Town Council members last Monday sets up the borrowing conditions for those federal funds.

Town Attorney Justin Schramm noted that he utilized a USDA form for the resolution so it includes everything the agency requires.

He said that one thing the resolution doesn’t include is a specific loan amount and added that was done intentionally. CommonWealth Project Engineer Rob Bellucci explained that they won’t know what figure to stick there until the contract bids come in.

Since the resolution had to be passed that night to stay on schedule, Schramm asked Bellucci how to word the motion to account for the missing figure.

Belluci provided his recommendation, “You could pass it with language that states an amount not to exceed to the budget funds from the letter of conditions issued by USDA.”

He continued, “If for whatever reason it needs to be amended, this wouldn’t be the first project where we have to come back and amend a resolution after the fact.”

Schramm felt that was a reasonable suggestion and so did the council members. A motion to that effect was made and then passed with unanimous approval.