Pulaski Commissioners Hold Off on Appointing Maintenance Director, Seek to Clarify Facilities Plans

The Pulaski County Commissioners want some more time before choosing a new maintenance director. They decided Monday to table the appointment, until all three of them have a chance to review the applications.

“I didn’t have my tablet today, if we just got them today,” Commissioner Kenny Becker said.

Commissioner Jerry Locke replied, “I looked. I read them, but I think we ought to table it if you two haven’t.”

Auditor Laura Wheeler said four applications were received. The opening was only advertised to current county employees, but Wheeler said there were some outside applicants, as well.

The search for a new maintenance director comes as county officials consider potential facility updates, including the possible replacement of the courthouse with a new addition to the Justice Center. All three commissioners said they’ve been getting emails about the proposal. “One lady said she wanted to save the courthouse because her birth certificate’s in here,” said Commissioner Mike McClure. “She’s 90 years old. And they’re not even in the courthouse.”

Commissioner Locke asked County Attorney Kevin Tankersley to put together some information to release to the public, “‘Cause there’s so many misconceptions out there, it’s getting ridiculous.”

The facilities proposal was designed to address security, ADA compliance, and a number of other concerns with the county’s government buildings.