Starke County Commissioners Discuss GPS Devices in County Vehicles

The Starke County Commissioners revisited the topic of installing GPS systems on the county vehicles.

Commissioner Charlie Chesak said a couple of department heads approached him opposed to the idea.  Chesak commented that he thought it was a waste of money to have them on the vehicles.  Plus, they would be using the highway department’s GPS devices and that’s where he said they should stay.  They could purchase new ones, but thought they don’t need to be used.

Commissioner Kathy Norem replied saying that the main purpose of the GPS monitors on the county-owned vehicles is to get a better liability insurance rate and they can prove whereabouts of the vehicle in case a lawsuit was to be filed.  She added that they’re there for safety purposes.

The action of tracking where an employee is isn’t necessarily why the devices are being installed on the vehicles, according to Norem.

Commissioner Bryan Cavendar asked about enforcement and monitoring, and Norem stated that could be up to the department head.

Cavendar made a motion to dismiss the installation of the GPS devices, which would reverse a previous motion to install them.  Chesak seconded the motion.  Cavendar and Chesak presented an affirmative vote while Norem opposed the vote.