Starke County Young Professionals Discuss Success of First Trivia Night, Make Plans for Feb’s Event

The Starke County Young Professionals group made more than $200 at their very first Trivia Night.

When the group held the first Trivia Night in Knox on Thursday, January 31st, they collected a total of $225 in registration fees.

January’s Trivia Night featured 35 questions. When the Young Professionals held a meeting Thursday night, Representative Brad Searing noted that the most consistent suggestion he got from participants was that the game was too short. During February’s game there will be four rounds with 25 questions each, with a total of 100 questions.

Local businesses have the opportunity to sponsor a round for $25. Currently, only one of the rounds for February’s event has been sponsored.

If your business is interested in sponsoring a round, contact group officials through their facebook page or send an email to

Keep an eye out on the Starke County Young Professionals Group facebook page for updates about February’s Trivia Night which will be held in North Judson.