Winamac Park Board Elects New President, Welcomes New Member

The Winamac Park Board welcomed its newest member Thursday. Steve Miller took his seat on the board, replacing Courtney Poor. Meanwhile, Chris Schramm was chosen to take over Poor’s former position of board president.

Schramm took a few moments Thursday to thank his fellow board members. “I appreciate you guys putting me in here,” he said. “I think we’ll see how it goes, but give me a little time to get my feet wet. Like I said at the last meeting, I appreciate Courtney and all of his time – it was a new board – helping us set everything up. A lot of work went into that. I understand he had other obligations. So I want to thank him for that and welcome Steve again. He’ll be a nice, welcome addition to the board.”

Taking over as vice-president will be Jon Chapman. Kim Burke will remain the board’s secretary, and Justin Schramm will continue as attorney.