City of Knox to be Included in CAD System Switch After Entering into Agreement with County

Knox officials took action last week to get on board with the county-wide switch to a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system.

When the Knox Board of Works met last Wednesday, Mayor Dennis Estok provided some details about the new CAD System, stating that the upgrade is expected to address the issues that have been going on with the current dispatch system.

Estok said there are about 12 or 13 entities that currently use this system. Police Chief Harold Smith added that he knows that La Porte, Porter, Marshall and Pulaski Counties are either already utilizing CAD or in the process of switching over.

Chief Smith also mentioned that Hamlet and North Judson will be switching over as well and explained the County was able to obtain a grant to help cover all the first year fees for the municipalities.

While the first year was covered, Estok noted that this expense will need to be  budgeted for in the future. He said it will likely be an annual cost of $7,000.

Estok explained that while that may seem like a lot to add on, it is far less than what it would cost for the city to purchase a new system separate from the county.

To make plans for where to budget the item, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston asked if this system will also be utilized by the fire department. Knox Center Township Fire Chief Kenny Pfost replied that it would be used by their department as well.

Board of Works members voted unanimously to enter into an agreement with county for the new CAD System. According to Estok, officials are aiming to have it up and running by April.