City Officials Check Out New Knox-Center Township Fire Truck

Officials from the Knox Center-Township Volunteer Fire Department recently made a trip to Iowa to pick up their new pumper truck.

The truck was picked up from Toyne Fire Apparatus last Thursday and city officials had an opportunity to take a look at the new vehicle prior to their council meeting Tuesday evening.

The 2019 Spartan/Toyne Engine was purchased in order to replace a truck in the fleet that was nearly 30-years-old. In order to fund the purchase, a general obligation bond was obtained, with a 10-year loan period.

The cost of the truck was about $585,388. After factoring fees related to financing and the bonding process, the total amount to be paid back over the next decade will be approximately $650,000 according to Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston. He added that the City of Knox will pay off 2/3rds of the cost while Center Township will be responsible for the remaining 1/3rd.

More pictures from the city officials’ visit to the fire station can be found below: