Culver Town Council Addresses Concerns in Annexation Proposal

The Culver Town Council members opened up a public hearing Tuesday night to take comments on a proposed annexation ordinance that would include 1.26 acres of land north of State Road 10 just north of where the Family Dollar store is located.

Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe noted that it was late in this process that they learned that a Dollar General store is proposed there.  That particular design plan/retail outlet is apparently not what is desired by council members as outlined in the comprehensive plan and noted competition that would be across the street from that location. 

There is also concern if the business can be sustained, noting the close proximity of the competition.  Munroe is afraid of the company closing and leaving an empty building that may become a blight issue. 

Public comments pertained to attracting other types of business other than a dollar store. 

Moving forward, the proposal calls for the extension of utilities out to the site which would include a tap fee from the company as well as a small investment from the town to complete the infrastructure connection. 

In the end, the town council members voted 4-1 to approve the annexation ordinance on second reading noting that it follows the guidelines in the comprehensive plan that it is a general retail expansion on a parcel zoned for commercial development.  Ginny Bess Munroe, Bill Githens, Joel Samuelson, and Rich West voted in favor while Bill Cleavenger voted no. 

The vote was the same for the resolution the approval of the fiscal plan for the purpose of annexation.