Disagreements Continue over Eastern Pulaski Asphalt Problems

Eastern Pulaski school officials continue looking for answers, after cracks began forming in the newly-repaved parking lots.

Superintendent Dan Foster says they’ve been working with project architect and engineer Gibraltar Design, along with paving contractor Rieth-Riley Construction, to try to figure out what to do. “Right now, we’re not on the same page,” Foster says. “You know, the fingers are kind of being pointed different directions, and so, we’re just trying to get everybody on the same page, and ‘How do we fix this? How do we get this resolved?'”

Foster adds that earlier this week, Gibraltar agreed to send a letter to Rieth-Riley, to try to find a way forward. The $2.4-million asphalt and concrete project involved resurfacing the driveways and most of the parking lots on the schools’ campus, along with curb and sidewalk repair.