Knox Planning Commission Addresses Senate Bill Related to 2-Mile Jurisdiction

The Knox Planning Commission decided to table talks about a piece of legislation related to the 2-mile jurisdiction surrounding the city when members met Tuesday evening.

Commission President Jim Strong discussed the proposed legislation, Senate Bill 535, explaining that a portion of the bill would revoke the Planning Commission’s authority to conduct advisory planning and zoning in 2-mile jurisdiction without the permission of county executives.

He said while they have been coordinating with county officials about the potential switch, he recommended waiting to take any serious action about it until they know what happens with the bill.

SB 535 has already made its way through the Senate where it was passed on third reading on Thursday, February 14th. On Monday, February 18th it was referred to the House of Representatives and no further action has been taken thus far.

Strong noted that if it does pass completely, the bill would go into effect July 1st. He added that he suspects even if it doesn’t pass in its current form, this effort will likely be incorporated into another piece of legislation down the line so he said it’s something they should be watching out for.

Click the following link to view more details about Senate Bill 535 or read more about it in Indiana Chamber’s February Legislative Report.