Knox Street Dept. Meets Salt Commitment Requirement, Mayor Encourages Coordination About Summer Projects

The Knox Street Department has met the commitment requirement for salt this season.

Street Department Superintendent Jeff Borg informed Board or Works members last week that 7 loads of salt have been purchased so far.

He said 7 loads equates to approximately 175 tons. Their commitment was 200 tons and they’re required to purchase at least 80 percent of that, which has been done.

Borg noted, if they need to, they have the opportunity to purchase up to 120 percent of the commitment amount.

In addition to discussing that matter at the BOW meeting, Mayor Dennis Estok encouraged all the department heads to be coordinating with each other and the Board of Works about summer projects to avoid any kind of interference.

Borg said he’s already made the other department heads aware of the roads that are included in this year’s Community Crossings projects so they can coordinate with him if any other work is needed in those areas.

He added that he’s also been talking with Reith Riley representatives to see when they’re planning to start work. He said weather permitting, they could get started as soon as the end of April.