NJ Town Council to Review Draft Ordinance Regulating Public Nuisances on Private Property

An ordinance that would regulate public nuisances on private property in the town of North Judson was presented to officials in draft form Monday night.

Town Attorney Justin Schramm told members this ordinance would prohibit what’s classified as “environmental public nuisances.”

He mentioned there is an appeals process built in that would allow a resident to challenge the code-violation if they feel they’ve been unfairly cited.

He explained that the policy could regulate things such as grass height, vegetation growing in the public right-of-way and the presence of inorganic materials in yards such as trash, debris, un-plated or abandoned vehicles and any additional “eye-sore” related concerns.

As it’s written currently, there is an exception in the ordinance for abandoned vehicles that are used for body work or auto repair.

Under the advisement of Code-Enforcement Officer Joe Leszek and the town council members, Schramm is going to check into rules related to business activity and commercial use to see if there’s anyway they could include certain regulations on those vehicles as well.

Schramm asked the members to review the draft ordinance and told them to bring any suggestions to the first meeting in April. He noted that the process to implement this potential policy will take a few months since penalties are involved.