SCEDF Looking to Include Zoning Ordinances Online

The county’s zoning ordinances could soon be online.

Starke County Economic Development Foundation Executive Director Larry Wickert asked the Starke County Commissioners last week if the county’s zoning ordinances could be uploaded to the county’s website so residents can access that information quicker and at their own pace.

Wickert proposed that his office hire an intern this summer and that person could do the the work necessary to input that information on the county’s website with a search option, similar to what the City of Knox has on the city’s website.

County Attorney Marty Lucas asked if the county’s GIS information could be added.  Wickert said he’d ask IT Director Richard Franks if that is an option. 

The commissioners agreed that it would be a valuable resource for county residents.  Wickert said he’d keep the commissioners informed on the process.