Starke County Commissioners Approve Railroad Crossing Inspection Contract

Starke County will utilize a new vendor for railroad crossing inspections in the Industrial Park.

Starke County Economic Development Foundation Executive Director Larry Wickert said the vendor who had been doing the inspections sent a contract cancellation notice.  In his research, Wickert found the company Millenium whose employees can do the work at a less expensive rate.  The contract would include monthly railroad crossing inspections and response to emergencies.    

The contract amount is $6,000.  Wickert stressed that the funding of this contract comes solely from the revenue generated by the three companies who utilize the rail in the industrial park.  The companies pay $51 per car.  Those funds are deposited into a county account to pay for the inspection contract and other maintenance.   

With the blessing of County Attorney Marty Lucas who reviewed the paperwork, the commissioners approved the contract as presented with a unanimous vote. 

Wickert plans to return to visit with the commissioners on Monday, March 18 to discuss the rate charged for rail cars that access the rail lines in the Industrial Park.  Wickert noted that long-term cost estimates reveal a more appropriate charge per rail car.  He’ll present more information at that meeting.