Starke County Commissioners Sign Grant Funding for Court Services Programs

Starke County Court Services Director Shawn Mattraw presented grant funding paperwork to the county commissioners Monday night for the Community Corrections, jail treatment programs and Pre-Trial Probation.

Mattraw said a letter will be sent to the Department of Corrections requesting $446,764.87 for the 2019-2020 fiscal-year grant cycle.

“$306,000 will go toward Community Corrections and that is what we’re requesting as part of our grant funded programs,” commented Mattraw.  “We’ll be requesting $75,763 for our jail treatment program through the Sheriff’s Department, and last but not least we’ll request $63,000 for the Starke County Pre-Trial Probation Department.” 

He said the county does receive good feedback from the State.

“I would like to note though that all three programs do get graded annually by the Department of Corrections and all three have passed inspection and passed following it with faith practices as well.  The DOC is quite pleased with that.”

Commissioner Kathy Norem added, “We’re often the model for the State, right?”

Mattraw replied, “Yes, ma’am!”

The commissioners unanimously approved the grant paperwork as presented.