Starke County Jail Updates Inmate Information System

Starke County Justice Center officials are preparing for a launch of new software that will assist the staff in updating information in an upgraded computer system.

The new system, Computer Aided Dispatch, or CAD, will be live soon which will allow officers to have easier access to information to compile reports and to submit data.  Along with the CAD system, a new jail inmate system received an update to the Jailtracker system.

The change in systems has caused a bit of confusion to members of the public, but Starke County IT Director Richard Franks says the upgrade is a needed step.

“This upgrade has a deep impact on the security of the jail and its residents as well as the rest of the county,” stated Franks.  “This also plays a very big role on the accuracy of data that is kept on an inmate.  The Starke County Sheriff’s Office has the county inmate roster available as a way for the public to conveniently get information on who is being housed in the jail and does not really have to have that option available at all.”

To access the Jailtracker site, click here.