Culver Clerk-Treasurer Issues Reminder about Spring Leaf and Branch Clean Up

As warmer weather starts to spread across the area over the next few weeks, many homeowners will likely begin clearing their yards of leaves and debris to spruce things up for springtime.

The Town of Culver is reminding residents that the street department is willing to remove leaves and braches that are piled at the curb as long as they follow a couple of rules.

Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim issued an alert which mentioned that items should be sufficiently separated. Branches mixed in with leaves clogs the leaf machine and can slow down efforts to get leaves off of lawns.

Additionally, citizens should remember to pile leaves on their lawn, not on the street. Heim noted that placing leaves on the lawn will help keep them from clogging storm drains since clogged drains can lead to flooding during spring rains.

Additionally, decaying and rotting leaves can have a negative impact on the lake. Heim explained that keeping leaves off the streets helps prevent them from entering the storm drain system and eventually travelling to Lake Maxinkuckee.

Heim added that the Street Department crews don’t have a set day where they do these pick-ups, but it’s typically done at least once a week as time allows.