Hamlet Town Council Approves Purchase of Laptops for Police Department

Starke County’s new computer aided dispatch system has brought to light some issues with the Hamlet Police Department’s computers. Town Marshal Clint Norem gave an update to the town council last week.

“We’ve had some training,” he explained. “We had to take our laptops in from the cars. We’ve got issues with two of the laptops, so I need to look at replacing those. One’s completely a black screen of death, I guess, and then the other one, the screen was shattered when I took office but we used it.”

Council members agreed to let Norem replace the two laptops. He estimates that they will cost about $1,200, and Norem already has the money in his budget.

The town council also approved an $1,100 purchase of a valve from JD Excavating, for a fire hydrant on East Indiana Avenue that was hit by a car. Street Superintendent Kevin Leinbach reported that the water has been turned on at the Town Park, and the new playground equipment has been installed.