Indiana Department of Revenue Urges Taxpayers to be Honest, Accurate When Filing Returns

The Indiana Department of Revenue is reminding Hoosiers to be honest when filing their taxes. DOR officials say they’ve already seen taxpayers try to claim income that wasn’t earned, overstate their deductions, or falsely claim credits.

One reason taxpayers may report a different income is to try to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit, since it can lead to a much bigger refund. Another common deception that the DOR sees involves a scheme disguised as debt payment options for credit cards or mortgage debt.

DOR Commissioner Adam Krupp says that falsely reporting income can lead to big penalties and interest payments. He recommends that taxpayers only claim what they have documentation to support.

The DOR adds that using tax preparation software can help you file an accurate return and only claim the tax benefits for which you’re eligible. Officials point out that even if you hire a tax preparer, you’re still responsible for what gets turned in to the IRS.

2018 tax returns are due by Monday, April 15.