NJ Town Council Alerted of Stray Cat Problem on Sycamore Street

A stray cat problem on Sycamore Street was brought to the attention of North Judson Town Council members when they met last week.

During guest recognition, a resident mentioned that there is a woman who lives on Sycamore Street who has a habit of feeding cats in the area. The resident stated that the cats are getting under neighboring properties and causing problems.

Councilwoman Jane Ellen Felchuck brought up the town’s policy on feeding strays.

Felchuck explained, “Well we have in the animal ordinance that if she feeds them they are hers.” She added, “If you have ‘x’ number of cats together, they’re called a chowder.”

Former Code Enforcement Officer Joe Leszek added that even though this woman may be feeding the “chowder”, residents are not allowed to own a group of cats like that. He said pet owners are only permitted to have four cats and they all need to have town-issued registration tags.

Town Marshal Kelly Fisher said that the Police Department has some live traps they can loan out to capture the strays and Councilman Josh Brown noted that he knows a place where they can be relocated.

North Judson residents are reminded that all dogs and cats must be registered with the town each year. If an owner can provide proof that their animal is spayed or neutered and they have up-to-date vaccination documentation, the cost is $20 per tag. Tags for animals without that documentation will cost $30 each.

Being caught with an unregistered animal will first result in a warning but it could eventually cost you a $50 violation fine.

Visit North Judson Town Hall at 310 Lane Street to renew or obtain your tags as soon as possible. If you have any questions, call 574-896-3340.