North Judson Town Marshal Permitted to Use One Device for Personal and Work Numbers

North Judson Town Marshal Kelly Fisher will no longer have to carry around two devices.

Up until recently, Marshal Fisher had to carry around two cell phones; one for the town-funded work line and another for her personal number. Fisher noted in the past that many people reach her personal number for work-related calls, so she doesn’t think it’s practical to only have access to the work number during business hours.  

After the Police Department made the switch over to Verizon, Marshal Fisher realized she has the ability put two SIM cards into one device.

At the council’s last meeting in Mach, she asked members for permission to use one cell phone for both numbers. She added that she would figure out a way to continuing paying the bill for the personal line. Members chose to hold off on making a motion at that time.

During the council’s first meeting in April, Marshal Fisher informed members that she spoke with a Verizon representative and they said they’ll be able to sub-bill for the personal line.

Members voted to allow Marshal Fisher to utilize one device for both numbers.

Just as she has done in the past, Marshal Fisher will continue to pay for costs associated with the personal line.  The only difference is that she’ll be using one phone instead of two and the work and personal charges will appear on the same bill which will be addressed to the town.