Culver Town Council Considers Tax Abatement for The Paddocks

The Culver Town Council members opened a public hearing Tuesday night to gather public comments on a proposed resolution that would grant tax abatement for The Paddocks, the second phase of a housing project following the completion of the Sand Hill Farms workforce housing development project on West Jefferson Street in Culver.

Developer Kevin Berger said it is income-based housing where renters will have to have an income in order to live at the site.  Those occupying the available housing must make 30, 40, 60, or 80 percent of the county’s median income which is around $51,869.  Berger commented that the lowest rent could be around $350, depending on the percentage of income with the median figure.    

Berger said the project will start this July with the entire project to be complete by January 2021, as outlined in specific funding and planning paperwork.  One of the townhome buildings could open up in late 2020 for occupancy. 

“There will be seven buildings in total,” said Berger.  “There will be three buildings with eight townhomes each and there will be three buildings with eight apartments each, and there will be a community building.”

The proposed tax abatement would be for 10 years at 100 percent. 

After much discussion, the town council members voted 4-1 to approve a resolution that grants the tax abatement.  The full conversation can be heard during the public information slot this Sunday at noon.