Eastern Pulaski School Board Adopts eLearning Plan

eLearning is coming to Eastern Pulaski Schools for the 2019-2020 school year. An eLearning plan was approved by the school board Monday, according to Superintendent Dan Foster.

“A little bit different than some of our local schools that have been out there a year or two,” Foster explains. “All of our eLearning days will be planned make-up days next year.”

Foster says the first two days that are missed would be made up in-class next May. Anything beyond that would be made up as eLearning days, scheduled for four Saturdays in February, March, and April. “I think that’s going to be a big thing we [have to] get through to parents and students, is we’ll have a Saturday booked as a placeholder in the calendar, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything has to be handed in and done electronically on Saturday.”

Students will have three days to turn in assignments, according to the eLearning plan. Before the make-up days, two practice eLearning days will be held on Wednesday, October 2 and Wednesday, November 13.

During eLearning days, teachers will be available for a total of six hours to answer students’ questions. School officials plan to have at least one computer lab open on eLearning days, for those who don’t have Internet access. Eastern Pulaski’s recent technology survey found that nearly 93 percent of the corporation’s families have at least one web-enabled device at home.