Eastern Pulaski School Board Agrees to Pay Classified Staff for Canceled School Days

Eastern Pulaski employees will still get paid for school days that have been canceled due to weather, following action from the school board last week.

Superintendent Dan Foster says two of the nine days missed this school year will not be made up, since Eastern Pulaski got a waiver from the Indiana Department of Education. “So with that, we did ask the board for approval to go ahead and pay our classified/hourly employees who lost two days of wages, and the board did approve that,” Foster says. “So we’re going to pay those employees for those two days.”

Foster says the school corporation’s new eLearning plan makes sure that classified employees will have the chance to make up for any lost revenue in the future. “There’s some safety training they can do, and there’s some cleaning they can do and some things like that, to kind of make up for their dollars, or they could take a personal day, if they so choose.”

The cost of paying employees for their two missed days this year is expected to be about $12,000.