Knox Voters Choose Democratic Candidate for City Clerk-Treasurer

Voters in the May Municipal Primary Election chose a Democratic candidate for Knox City Clerk-Treasurer Tuesday. 

Cyndi Mann-Kidder collected 117 votes while Colleen A. Hodge received 67 votes.  The Clerk-Treasurer’s race was the only contested race in this election. 

When talking vote numbers on the Democratic ticket, Incumbent Mayor Dennis Estok received 142 votes, Sherry Lynn Cowen received 131 votes for Knox City Council At-Large, Donald Kring received 123 votes for Knox City Council District 1, Ronald Parker received 115 votes for the Knox City Council District 2 seat, Jeff Berg 134 votes for Knox City Council District 3, and Bill Gustafson 136 votes for Knox City Council District 4. 

On the Republican ticket, Charles F. Hasnerl ran unopposed for City Court Judge.

The candidates move to the November Municipal General Election.  The Town of North Judson and Town of Hamlet will hold town conventions in August, if necessary, to narrow down party candidates for the General Election.

WKVI Radio has asked the Starke County Election Board members in more than one public meeting to release more updated results as precincts return ballot information to be tallied, however they won’t comply.