NJ Town Superintendent Addresses Money Saving Adjustment to Pothole Procedures

A cooperative effort between the North Judson Utility Department and the Starke County Highway Department is helping get potholes patched in a more cost-effective way.

Town Superintendent Joe Leszek informed council members this week that utility crews are working to patch potholes around town and they are saving money thanks to a new procedure.

In the past, the department was getting its materials from a supplier out of town. Leszek said they recently made a switch and it’s made a major difference.  

Leszek told members, “So far, it’s working out. It’s a fraction of the cost. We’re paying about $30 a ton and we’re not having to drive out to Logansport to pick it up.”

He explained that they started out with about three tons of the material to see how it would work and noted that there were plans to acquire about 7 tons more to continue necessary patchwork.

If you need to report a problematic pothole, contact North Judson Town Hall at 574-896-3340 and select the extension for the Utility Superintendent.