North Judson Town Attorney Proposes Creation of Right-of-Way Form

A request from Mediacom has prompted North Judson Town Attorney Justin Schramm to create a right-of-way form for the town.

When members met last Monday, Schramm explained that he’s unaware of all of the specifics at this time but Mediacom was requesting to install some data-cable in the area which would require them to work in the town’s right-of-way.

He told members, “We don’t utilize a right-of-way form but I did see that INDOT uses one because I found their state form so it might not hurt to have a right-of-way form or certificate in case requests to do work in a right-of-way.”

Schramm continued, “I think it would help from the standpoint that it will lay out the scope of their project.”

He noted that understanding the scope of a particular project before it gets underway is beneficial because it allows officials to have documentation explaining what the company plans to do.

For instance, if a company were to ever deviate from a project, officials would be able to reference the form to prove that crews didn’t stick to the initial plan.

Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe noted that with that form, there would also be a potential fee. He explained that once the amount is established, the council will be required to authorize an amendment to the schedule of fees.

Schramm told members that he will begin developing a right-of-way form for North Judson, based on the form used by INDOT.