Pulaski County Commissioners Open Mowing Bids

Grass may be growing, but the Pulaski County Commissioners still need more time to choose a lawn care company. Last week, they opened bids from Ditmire Lawn Care, Clean Cuts Lawn Service, and TK Lawn Service.

Due to the number of variables involved, they agreed to let Maintenance Director Mia Salyers review the bids before they make a selection. But that still left a question of what to do in the meantime.

TK handled the county’s mowing last year, but Salyers said they won’t continue to mow without a contract. Her department only has one large mower that works. Sheriff Jeff Richwine said jail inmates may be able to help mow the courthouse lawn, if a mower could be found. The possibility of one of the commissioners mowing around the courthouse was also raised.

The commissioners started seeking mowing bids in January, but later considered giving the job back to county maintenance employees, before eventually deciding, once again, to get bids.