Starke County Commissioners Adopt Alarm Systems Regulation Ordinance

The Starke County Commissioners approved the third reading of the Alarm Systems Regulation Ordinance, thus adopting the measure. 

The ordinance was proposed by Starke County Sheriff Bill Dulin in an attempt to reduce the number of false police and fire alarm calls in residences and businesses in Starke County.  The ordinance ensures registration and control of alarm systems for more safe, prompt and reliable dispatch of emergency personnel. 

The ordinance encourages alarm businesses and users of security alarm systems, home medical emergency panic alarms, and fire notification systems to maintain the systems and properly use them to limit unnecessary service responses to alarms.

Owners of alarm systems shall register with the Starke County 911 Director with a one-time $40 non-refundable fee.  Registration must include the persons responsible for proper maintenance of operation of the alarm system, the type of system, the alarm company information, and the date of installation.

Any person who causes an alarm notification from a site that is not registered shall be subject to a fine not to exceed $100 per notification.

A copy of the ordinance can be found below: