Starke County Commissioners Approve Resolution on Behalf of PTC

In an effort to move forward with plans for the trails system in Starke County, Prairie Trails Club member Steve Lucas presented a resolution for consideration by the Starke County Commissioners Monday night.

The club members are looking modify the American Discovery Trail (ADT) in Starke County to improve public safety.  According to Steve Lucas, the modification would take the trail in a safer route off of U.S. 35 and US 421. 

“We want to have conversations with the ADT people and if you’re agreeable to the concept of course we’d have Rik Ritzler working with us to what he would be comfortable with, have them both cross at English Lake while the American Discovery Trail could continue on 421 to LaCrosse and go through that way,” stated Lucas. 

He said traffic is heavy along U.S. 35 and U.S. 421 so the trail through English Lake would provide a safer, more scenic route for those utilizing the trail. 

Lucas hopes that share-the-road signage can be installed to note the routes of the American Discovery Trail, the U.S. Bike Route 35 and the Great American Rail-Trail.  The resolution also includes a request to create a design for a trailhead at the intersection of County Road 450 E. and County Road 210 at the south end of Bass Lake where a bench and bike rack could be included. 

The commissioners unanimously approved the request to work in cooperation with the Northern Indiana Coordinator of the ADT to modify the route.  The Starke County Highway Department plans to assist in putting up signage along the trail. 

In addition to this discussion, the commissioners thanked those who worked to get a grant of nearly $400,000 for the addition of two miles on the Erie Trail.