Starke County Commissioners Revise Security Plan

Security at the county buildings in Starke County will change slightly.

The Starke County Commissioners took action Monday night to change the security plan where the standing metal detector will be taken from the Annex Building No. 1 and go back to the Starke County Justice Center.  Those attending evening meetings in that facility will be checked by a security guard using a handheld metal detector. 

In speaking with Director of Courthouse Security Larry Keiser, security cameras at the Starke County Annex Building No. 1 and No. 2 will still be in use while a security guard will check both buildings every hour. 

Security guards will be present in the annex building during tax time to ensure safety of the employees in the Treasurer’s Office. 

Keiser said their main focus is the third floor of the courthouse where the courtrooms are located.  Two guards are always on duty at the courthouse while an additional guard can do roaming security checks. 

The plan can always be evaluated, but the commissioners approved a motion to make these changes as discussed.