Constellation of Starke Executive Team Discusses Community Outreach

When the Constellation of Starke Executive Team met Thursday afternoon, they addressed the success of recent community outreach efforts.

Creative Director Jessica Martinović reported that the inventive and informational video made by Mirth and Whimsy was posted to social media following the public meeting that was held on Thursday, May 23rd.

During that meeting, about 100 people got to see the video for the first time.

Since it was posted a little over a week ago, it’s been shared nearly 150 times and has reached more than 12,800 people. It’s also gathered more than 110 ‘likes’ and a plethora of positive comments. 

Stills from the Mirth and Whimsy video

There was a consensus amongst team members that this was an indication that they’re effectively reaching the community.

In addition to keeping Starke County residents engaged online, plans are in the works to attend the Bass Lake Festival, the Mint Festival in North Judson and other events this summer to spread the word about Constellation of Starke and to gather more input from the public.