Indiana Has Sixth-Lowest Burglary Arrest Rate, According to ASecureLife Crime Data Analysis

If someone were to burgle your home, the chance that a suspect would actually be arrested is relatively low in Indiana.

FBI crime statistics show that more than 30,000 burglaries were reported in the state in 2017, but there were only about 2,000 burglary arrests, an arrest rate of less than seven percent. That’s the sixth-lowest in the country, according to security analysts ASecureLife, who ranked the data from all 50 states.

They found that Nebraska had the lowest burglary arrest rate in 2017 at one percent. Our neighbors in Illinois were close behind at two percent. The highest burglary arrest rates were generally found along the East Coast, led by Delaware at 24 percent.

ASecureLife says there are a few steps you can take to improve the chances of a burglary being solved, like getting a security camera and filing a police report.

However, the FBI warns against using rankings to determine the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies, due to the high number of variables among different locations.