Knox School Board Approves Updates to Policies Regarding Student Health, State Testing

The Knox School Board finalized the latest round of policy updates last week, according to Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart. “We had NEOLA policies from the previous meeting that we did, and the board approved all those policies without any comment,” he says.

Several of those related to student health. One differentiates between a “do not resuscitate” order and a doctor’s order for scope of treatment. Another makes sure the care of students with diabetes is in line with the state’s current guidelines. The policy regarding students with chronic health conditions got an update, as well.

The school board also updated some policies related to statewide assessments, including what happens when students fail the IREAD test. Other changes require the use of seat belts in any school buses or vehicles equipped with them, as well as privacy protections for students and staff taking part in crowdfunding activities.